One and only classically trained Russian singer turned Irish сountry singer-songwriter!

Russian-born Larissa Tormey has many strings to her musical bow: a classically trained vocalist, pianist and songwriter; she enjoys life in rural Ireland from where she takes much inspiration for her music.

In 2001 she moved from the busy city of Moscow to the quieter countryside in Ireland. Living on a rural farm which now gives Larissa a new muse for her writing which is influenced by classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and folk music.

In June 2014, Larissa was accepted as a guest singer at YOUBLOOM Global Music Village, a music conference event for the international artists, in Dublin.

Her debut album in “Perfect as I Am” was released in November 2014.

Later in December 2014 she also released a single in aid of “Special Needs Parents Association” Ireland.

This charity Christmas Single “Special Christmas” was named among the Top 6 Christmas Singles by "The Irish Independent".

In 2015 Larissa was persuaded by her friend - a Belfast songwriter BG Pollock, to record her first country single “Only a Woman”. The video was premiered on The Hot Country Channel on Sky TV and the Pollock-scribed single reached Top 100 Airplay Country singles in a first week of its release.

This work and collaboration with BG Pollock lead Larissa to her second country album "God Loves A Trier" which was released 17th of March 2017 and shows the singer’s musical versatility incorporating some Irish folk music along with traditional Irish dancing country tunes.

The album includes collaborations with famous UK still guitar player Sarah Jory, songwriter BG Pollock, and Nashville-based guitarist Daniel Parks. Larissa reunited with producer David McCune, who produced her previous album and several of the new album’s songs, and she also enlisted producer Pete Ware whose notable productions include the albums of international country singer Charlie Landsborough and Mary Duff.

Shortly after release she opened the most prestigious country music event in Ireland "Hot Country TV Awards"

"The Sunday World" entertainment journalist Eddie Rowley wrote a big article about her "Meet Our Mos-Caw Girl" in June 2017.

In July 2017, she has appeared on RTE 1 radio during a countrywide program with a fabulous interview produced by famous Brenda Donohue, and after, appeared with interview and her latest songs with Shay Byrne (RTE radio presenter) at the "Keep It Country" TV channel.

In 2017 she had a few appearances on a main TV Channel RTE 1 including one of the most popular programs in Ireland "Nationwide".

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At the start of 2018 Larissa received prestigious award "Cultural Crossover Country Artist of the Year" at Country Music Award ceremony organised by the Irish leading newspaper "Sunday World".

She released her new country album in March 2018 "Cowgirls Don't Cry" with a hit track - "Danny boy with Russian Flavor" where she combined beautifully her native Russian and English languages!

In May 2018 Larissa Tormey has been announced as one of the four artists shortlisted by IMRO for the Best Irish Country act at the Irish Post Music Awards 2018. Larissa is joined by fellow country acts Nathan Carter, Cliona Hagan and Derek Ryan.

Good looks, amazing personality, and most importantly, a beautiful voice! Larissa is a full package, one of the best new emerging Irish country artists!