The Wind On The Hill

Today is my birthday)

To celebrate this, I decided to release a new single, beautiful song- "The Wind On The Hill" Some time ago I saw Big Tom singing this song on Hot Country TV I didn't listen to his music before, but this song really resonated with me! The Lyrics was like about me: “You took the chance to claim the old mountain When others stayed lonely and blue You tell me sweet daring you're happy once more And I've no doubts what you're saying is true..."

I said to myself : I would sing this song!

A week after I was having an interview with Michael Commins for Irish Farmers Journal and he mentioned very shyly that he also writes songs. Yes, I said? Any one that I know? Well, The Wind On the Hill, he said!

Wasn’t that a sign?!

Later in the year, when Big Tom passed away I wanted to do something special just to mark this very sad occasion. So I sat in my study, turned on my iPhone camera and recorded The Wind On the Hill, playing piano and singing live... I posted it on Facebook and within a week this song become my most popular video. 17000 views!

So I was busy then with my new album release. And now, when everything is quietened down, cos it’s a holidays time, I went into a studio and recorded a simple version of it

This song is written by Michael Commins and Pat McKenna

My friend and a great guitar player Kevin Whyms played the backing track and recorded me in his studio

Another friend and the guy who filmed most of my videos from “God Love A Trier” album Andrew Jordan ( AJ Films ) made a simple video.

I didn’t want any glamour or too many details in it and wanted to keep it as simple as possible, that you can enjoy the beauty of this melody and understand the meaning of this great poem.

This is the video.

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