Sunday World, RTE Radio 1 and more....

I wanted to share with you a few media news about me and my music!


Shortly after my appearance at Hot Country TV awards, Eddie Rowley, Sunday World entertainment journalist, wrote a big article about me and my music. 

He made up a great title "Meet our Mos-Cow Girl", which I really loved and article itself was a very positive. I appreciate the way he put it all so nicely together!

Then a few weeks later I was contacted by a very charismatic RTE Radio 1 presenter Brenda Donohue!

She came then to visit me on my farm and interviewed me for her very popular weekly program Countrywide! An Interview was a huge success, very funny, real and warm!

You see the promotional video for it, which RTE Radio 1 posted on their website and all social media platforms.

You can listen to an interview here:

I have so many more people listening to my music now!  Lucky me!

I have two more big interviews coming up which I will share with you later.

Ireland is changed country now and does not mind to have their Russian country music sweetheart xxx

LOVE IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!

Larissa Tormey