Only My Heart Knows


I am so exited to show you my new single -"Only My Heart Knows" Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play today

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I love this song, which continues my gospel journey in a country-crossover style with my signature piano sound included!

This is a beautiful song from two fabulous writers, Chris Eaton and Franceska Aeschlimann, and it definitely shows a softer side to what I do. To tell you the truth, I fell in love with 'Only My Heart Knows' as soon as I heard it, and I'm delighted to have been able to record it. It's the kind of song that might have a different meaning to every listener, but I'm sure everyone who hears it will connect with it in a very personal way. That's what happened to me. And when you get that feeling from a song, you know the song is special, so you just hope that you can do it justice.

Franceska Aeschlimann has written for Petula Clark, Jermaine Jackson, George De Angelis (who has worked with Seal), Rob Fusari (who has worked with Lady Gaga), and of course her co-writer on this one, Chris Eaton. Eaton himself can lay claim to his songs being recorded by such distinguished names as pop legend Sir Cliff Richard, country superstars Vince Gill and Keith Urban, as well as Jessica Simpson, Donna Summer and countless more.

We had such a fun recording a video on our farm with my friend Mary Daly (as my mam) Mary recently had cancer and went through a big surgery, so it was precious for me that she agreed to take part in my video.

Also in the video - my lovely cat Marcell , who stole the show!

I organized Facebook Donate campaign for Womansaid Charity (Ireland) and hope to get some nice funds for them, so your help will be greatly appreciated Please follow the link below and don't forget to share it FACEBOOK POST

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Larissa Tormey