"Little Katie Kelly"

28th of November I released my new song "Katie Kelly" to radios and TVs. This song has an interesting background story!

Since moving to Ireland 15 years ago, I was fascinated by how caring Irish people are. When I got my first job as a choir conductor in Tullamore College, I asked children: what did they do on their holiday? They said: We worked in a nursing house, Miss. And I said: Oh, you're poor kids, this is a hard work! And they answered: No, Miss, we loved it! It was my first experience of Irish empathy.

I saw so much of it later in my years in Ireland, and especially when I had to deal with hospitals/doctors, I found an Irish nurses unbelievably caring and kind.

They considered to be one of the best in the world and I'm not surprised by this.

So, I said to myself, I have to write a song about it.

I shared this idea with my co-writer BG Pollock and...A Little Katie Kelly was born:) 

Andrew Jordan and Bobby Byrne filmed the video below, where 2 lovely children Aoibh and Delvin O'Brian played so well! And they did show in this video exactly what love and compassion is!

So, have a look at the full video and please don't forget to Like and Share where possible:)


Larissa Tormey