The Irish Post Award vs MIDEM

I mentioned in one of my interviews that when I started to record my first album “Perfect As I Am” in 2014 I went to MIDEM conferense in Cannes. It’s the biggest and oldest music buisness conference in Europe . And though I wasn’t well established yet I decided to go.

That year it was all about digital revolution and promoting yourself in internet. I came back and used everything I learned to get myself where I am now.

So this year, and 3 albums later, I decided to go again. I felt that I was in Ireland for too long and I need to get out just to have a broader look where to move next .

Everething was prebooked when I found out that I’m nominated as The Best Irish Country Singer by IMRO and Irish Post, and an Award Night will be held in Killarney at the time I have to be at MIDEM!

But I couldn’t be in 2 places ) , so off I went to Cannes!

In there I realised how lucky I am to be able not only to sing and play piano, but to write my own music!  

I understand that people love covers of the songs they familiar with, but on the grate scale of  things - songwriting is the most valuable asset in a music buisness.

So, decision was made, to continue to write as well as learn as many “country classics” as I can absorb)

I was immencly proud to be nominated among Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan and Cliona Hagan. I was nominated due to the volume of my music downloaded and streamed by you, my dear fans!

So thank you for helping me to fulfill my dreams

Love you all!


 At the pictures numerous amazing talented people I met in Cannes,a few of them are Irish!

Famous lyricist Francesca Aeschlimann, publisher David Stark, head of IMRO and a singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy, Aiden McGovern, Paul McDonnell, Oisin and Parisch Browne and many more...

TG 4 Ireland broadcasting The Irish Post Music Award 7th of June 2018