Story behind “Inner Angel”

3rd of July 2019 I released my new EP “Inner Angel”, which is taking me back to contemporary pop music I used to sing when I lived in Russia.

I am moving towards 4 directions for my music career :

1.Country music

2. Songwriting

3. Music video blogging

4. Pianist and singer for special occasions

With my new release I decided to showcase the N4

I wrote “Inner Angel” a few years ago, and I was asked many times, is there any story behind the song?

Yes there is….

At some stage of my life, I realized, that my friends are so different that they can’t be friends with one another but only me)


The reason for that, that not only they have a very different interests and personalities, but also that they can’t find any common grounds for communication.

I can. It is very seldom, that’s I have nothing in common with people.

I often told :

Gosh Larissa, we are so compatible!

With age, I found an explanation for this phenomenon.

Whenever I meet a new person, first thing I do, I look for the best qualities in him/her. When I do and pay attention to it, and even point it out to them, this qualities are starting to shine brighter.

I call it “ Inner Angel Syndrome “.

Each of us has a bit of an Angel and an Evil within . But when you see an Angel first, the person opens up to you with his/hers best qualities.

It’s my deep believe, the better you think about people, the better people you have around you….

So, this is the story behind my new song,

and this is my new video, filmed in charming Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland.

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You are my Angels…

Main song from Larissa's new EP "Inner Angel" Filmed by AJ Films in a beautiful Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland Songwriter: Larissa Tormey Piano: Eamonn Karran Producer: Peter Ware
Larissa Tormey