Flavored Love (album review)

As I listened to the latest project of Larissa Tormey as I recall her music blended her vocal range of Irish heritage and country. I believe my last review of her catalog was a group of songs that I picked through and my last review called "Natural Lady" last May. Where she had really impressed my musical pallet and as I listen to her latest project called "God Loves A Trier" Larissa really has that voice. When listening to her vocal range she has an almost Celtic in style but adds that constant twang and flare of country music. the first song on this tremendous album is called "God loves A Trier" Larissa brings in her signature style of awesome lyrics and substantial music. as I listened Larissa brings in the sound I can't help but notice, that of Celtic styling but really enjoyable. The song "Brand New Beginnings" Larissa shows that smooth ballad ability throughout and has a voice that is addictive in nature and catches your music pallet and the music is equally as good and addicting. With the start of the next track called "Two Fires" Larissa shows her consistent lyrical ability to write really good lyrics that actually say something. Larissa has that classically trained voice that adds to her appeal and makes her voice catchy and unique. From a woman who a, Russian Born, and moving to her love of the Irish way of life seems as if she has always had that Irish sense in her music. " A Long Time Coming" Larissa brings in the element of bluesy with the steel guitar and keeps the sound of country music flowing throughout. "We're in Love" is a simple but a superb sounding song and the music just flows just right. This song really showcases Larissa's ability to tell a story with her vocal range while keeping you entertained throughout. As I listened to the album the next track called "My Love is Like A River" Larissa slows down the tempo and sings yet a tender style of song and can really hear her vocal range, that is with the constant ability to sing a song and make you really get into it. With the music that adds that flare of older country music which mixes just right into Larissa's style of singing and the next song called "Katie Kelly' she adds that true Larissa style to the mix and is rather enjoyable. The next track called "Only A woman Like You" Larissa really has the ability to bring in that tender side once again and I felt the emotion being projected throughout this song and others on this album. Larissa has one of those voices that is honest and true. "Butterflies" is just another reason to continue listening to this fine album. This song brings in the flavor of Larissa's in tune with nature and brings in her writing abilities that adds flavor and personal emotions throughout. With the start of the next song called ""Natural Lady" Larissa brings in her approach of a woman's feelings and speaks to the woman who shares those feelings. The next song called "Country Girl" written by Buffy Sainte Marie, Larissa shows she is a music contender I am not one for "cover" songs but in this case Larissa makes the grade and serves the song justice. With the next song starting called "A Happy Wife. A Happy Wife" Larissa brings in a woman's approach but adds that appeal that she always is consistent with and this is really a fine example of what kind of singer songwriter Larisa is and her music projects this throughout. With the final track called "My Sunny Man" Larissa picks up the tempo and adds that country flare to boot. All in all Larissa has a style all her own, where she consistently mixes her native Russian with the sounds of Irish and her meaningful lyrics just adds up. This album was thoroughly enjoyed and I am anxiously waiting to hear Larissa's beautiful vocals on the radio. I thank Larissa for her continued friendship and allowing me to follow her music career.

Steven F. Adams

Music album reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2017 used by permission

Larissa Tormey