Larissa Tormey, famous for being the first – and so far the only - Russian to become involved in the Irish country music scene, has just announced that she’s about to release her very first video collection.

The ‘Video Collection – Volume 1 (Limited Edition)’, which will become officially available from Larissa’s website ( and Facebook page from November 3rd, will feature songs taken from the Moscow native’s three albums to date, ‘Perfect As I Am’, ‘God Loves A Trier’, and her most recent, ‘Cowgirls Don’t Cry.’ And for Larissa, this moment will be another dream come true in her life as a country singer in Ireland.

“I remember very well how excited I was when I made my very first video, it was like when you are a child waking up on Christmas morning! And this is like that feeling magnified by at least a thousand times!”, laughs Larissa.

She explained, “When you finally get enough songs recorded for a new album, you always feel a deep sense of achievement, and relief, about having made it to the end of the process. And while the adventure of recording finishes, the adventure of delivering that music to the fans just begins. Part of that adventure for me is choosing which songs will be singles, and so will probably have videos to go along with them. Not every song on an album can be a single, of course, so not every song can get its own video, either. So it takes a little time to get to where you have enough videos made to put them all together into a collection like this one. And because it takes time, it’s even nicer to get to this position, where the collection is finally done, and ready, and hopefully something that people will enjoy.”

Larissa’s latest single, ‘The Wind On The Hill’, a cover of the Pat McKenna and Michael Commins hit, has proved to be a firm favourite on country radio. But Larissa is also a talented songwriter herself, and the ‘Video Collection – Volume 1’ features several of Larissa’s original songs, including, ‘Katie Kelly’, co-written with BG Pollock, and ‘My Love Is Like A River’ , ‘Doors To Joy’, and ‘Perfect As I Am’ among the tracks Larissa has penned alone.

“I love to perform, and to be in front of an audience is one of the most special places in the world for me. But if performing is good for my heart, then songwriting is good for my soul. I need them both to really be myself. And that’s why this video collection, which is almost like a ‘Best Of’ in some ways, will allow fans to really get to know me.”

~ ‘Video Collection – Volume 1 (Limited Edition)’, wich was edited and put together by Pete Ware, who produced Larissa's latest album, is released on November 3rd, and will be available from her website,, and from her Facebook page.

Larissa Tormey