Larissa's New Album Launch Concert

Me, my fans and my friends   decided to celebrate release of my new album "God Loves A Trier" by organizing concert "Larissa's New Album Launch"!
First I was terrified but now I am very excited:)
You can stream my album from here  in order to familiarize yourself with my music and may be sing along with me at the gig!
I would love that!
This gig will take place 24th of May 2017, at 8 pm, at The Mercantile, Dublin.
Venue is very nice and warm as well as it's manager Keiron Black! I am going to have lots of friends from Dublin International Woman's Club joining me there. With two of my close friends Svetlana Lavery and Audrey Kelly helping me to host it!
I will play some of my old and a new songs acoustically, and will surprise you with a few covers which will be accompanied by Kevin Whyms, a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist!
Tickets are on sale at , you can found them here if you'll follow this link:
We will have a raffle sale in there in aid of the charity Médecins Sans Frontières.
I hope you can make it!